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The Vision

I believe that singing is a biological need of all humans.

I believe that music comes to us from a spiritual plain.

I believe that music realizes in this world through the singer’s voice and body.

The voice is a physical entity of man but it’s connected to the spiritual realm.

That’s why singing makes us feel good.

That’s why singing helps us express our inner self.

Singing and studying voice helps us discover who we really are…


I know that a good singer is a vessel that realizes music from the spiritual plain to our physical world.

A good singer is free of technical problems and fears that don’t let him express himself as he would want to. A good voice teacher helps the singer get rid of all the things that are holding him back from being his own true wonderful self as a singer.

I walk this world with a mission that is connected to my own story.

I specialize in CCM (Contemporary Commercial Music) and work with singers, actors and songwriters. I specialize in preparing to Recitals, auditions to acting schools, auditions to Music Academies and music highschools, auditions to reality shows etc.

I put an emphasis on creative development as well as voice.


Who am I?

I am Sarit Barkan, a voice teacher.

I used to be a classical singer for a while, studied in The Tel Aviv Academy Of Music. For the past 10 years I’ve been writing songs and I’ve released 2 albums, including a song that entered Galgaltz’s playlist (one of Israel’s most popular radio station). My songs were frequently played on the Israeli radio, and I’ve performed all over Israel including major radio shows, TV shows, festivals including Yearot Menashe Festival.

I’ve worked with great Israeli musicians such as Rockfour, Noam Rotem, Nitzan Horesh, Ori Winokur, Omer Hershman, Eianv Jackson Cohen.

I know the Israeli music industry very well.

Out of the knowledge I’ve accumulated I help my students form a plan to get them where they want to go. I help my students enjoy the road and what it brings them. I don’t forget to give tools to the artist as well as the singer and his voice.