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New ! Online Voice Lessons

Like many others The Corona Pandemic forced me to re organize my job and switch to online teaching. It was the first time I’ve done online lessons and at first I was afraid but very quickly I was surprised in a good way. These lessons proved to be very affective and productive for the students and myself.

Online lessons save the student a lot of precious time that was wasted on physically getting to the lesson, and they can be held with a laptop or a tablet or even a smartphone if necessary. Even more, these lessons help the student work on his musical ear more and help students be more responsible for their achievements.

Now you can choose your voice teacher according to your preference and needs and not according to your home location. People can enjoy a teacher that lives far away or even on another country! This provides us with access to wonderful and professional teachers that we might not been able to reach otherwise.

Frequently asked questions:

Is an online lesson as affective as a face to face lesson?

Yes! An online lesson can be very affective and help the student advance just as a face to face lesson. I have experience and know how to listen, and I can face technical difficulties (if they occur) and still maintain a good and helpful voice lesson.

More advantages to an online lesson are the need to practice the musical ear much more, and the concentration and devotion needed to have an online session. These are very important for singers.

?How long is an online lesson

one hour for adults and 45 minutes for children

How much is the online rate?

An online lesson costs like a face to face lesson because the knowledge that is passed on is the same knowledge that is conveyed in regular frontal lessons.

Is it possible to study only online or do we need to meet?

That depends on the student and his/her preferences, some need to meet occasionally and some don’t.

In the voice teaching world it’s very common to take lessons from great masters abroad, and in that case a face to face lesson is not possible. Still these lessons are affective and extremely advancing to the Israeli singer, who get’s an opportunity to study with professors from LA, NY, London and the entire world! Exciting times!